About iD


In 1979, Ontex group was founded to offer hygiene solutions for men, women and children. Today, we reach millions of people in over 110 countries through different brands and iD is one of our biggest international ones.  

Our belief

We believe that everyone has the right to age with dignity, privacy and a sense of belonging. and no one should be reduced to a condition. That’s why we at iD do everything we can to make incontinence undetectable to others and yourself.

Our mission

We aim to provide our consumers with end-to-end solutions that can help them reclaim their dignity and pride. We therefore aim to provide invisible solution to support our consumers live life in full view.

How do we work towards our mission?

Brand iD focuses on user needs around continence management and customer expectations in line with the latest market trends. We therefore provide an expert adult care solutions for continence care based on 3 main benefits:

  • Comfort & security: a comprehensive range of invisible solutions suitable for all types and levels of incontinence.
  • Skin integrity: The entire range is approved by dermatologist, 100% breathable and made from natural fibers.
  • Environment & sustainability: We are committed to achieving climate neutral operations by 2030. Our factories use green energy for production and we have introduced recycled materials in our packaging to reduce our environmental impact and to act sustainably.

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