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Looking for a solution for a young explorer aged 4 years or older that helps them conquer any challenge leak-free?


iD Comfy Junior Pants 4-7

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Super Speed Absorption

Worried about leaks?

Not on Comfy's watch!

Want to keep a secret secret?

Comfy Pants can do it like no other!

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Discreet design

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Cloud like comfort

Ready to feel the ease?

Experience comfort like never before!

But how?

If you would like to know more, we have prepared the boooring technical stuff...

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We are turning every parent's dream into reality!

Imagine uninterrupted playtimes during the day

All-Day Dryness

Comfy will absorb the liquid faster than you can say "sixty six slinky snakes silently slid through the southwest forest".

Freedom of Movement

A flexible fit that allows your child to move freely promoting healthy development.

Peace of Mind

Wearing the best incontinence product for their comfort and protection, allowing you to focus on enjoying precious moments together.

But wait, there's more...

Uninterrupted sleep during the night

Dry & Comfortable Nights

Your kid sleeps soundly, knowing they're protected.

Rested Superheros

A well-rested child also means rested parents, ready to tackle the day ahead with energy and positivity.

Now is the time to...

Get technical!

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  1. Fast & secure absorption
  2. Anti-leak cuffs
  3. Non-bulky material
  4. Soft side waistband comfortable for movement

In other words

iD Comfy Junior Pants are designed just like a real underwear with super absorbing power. It can be worn by children over four years of age and offers an ideal solution for night and daytime wetting. It offers a great absorption capacity as well as maximum discretion and comfort.

Secure fit and a discreet design are ensured to maintain normalcy in daily activities or sleep.

iD Comfy Junior Pants are easy to use enhancing the child's comfort and confidence during wear.

Don't take just our word for it

Discover what parents of other SuperHeroes are saying

I am so please with these pants they do everything they describe whic is great for my 6 year old disabled little boy. No more sitting in wet clothes he is now full of confidence. Would highly recommended these pull up pants better than supermarket.

Sandra M.

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Discreet packaging – because your privacy matters!


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