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iD Intime: Comfortable on the inside, confident on the outside.

Discover iD Intime

Maximum protection, invisible solution and feminine design for a life in full view. Discover the solution for moderate urinary incontinence and...

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Nordic Walking | health effects on bladder weakness

Nordic Walking and its health effects

Experiencing little discomfort during the day? How to improve bladder weakness with Nordic Walking...

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Learn to reduce stress | Why relaxation is important

Learn to effectively
relax to
reduce stress

How to effectively reduce stress and learn to be more relaxed. Get expert tips for...

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Menopause: its health implications and effects on your bladder

Menopause: a new stage in my life

Menopause is a natural phenomenon, but can have significant impact on your continence. Get more information on how to prevent...

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Sleep hygiene | How to conquer night time incontinence

Sleep hygiene and night time incontinence

Sleeping well is important for our physical and mental health. Discover what you can do to sleep better.

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Myths and realities about urinary incontinence

Myths and realities about urinary incontinence

Because urinary incontinence still is a taboo there are many myths around it. To banish them, we have decided to comment on the most common.

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Pregnancy and bladder weakness | What to do?

Pregnancy and bladder weakness

In pregnancy there is a lot of pressure inside your abdomen. This can lead to urinary problems. Discover easy steps how to...

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iD Light Advanced | The solution for small bladder leaks

Choose iD Light Advanced

Little discomfort and bladder leaks are common problems affecting 1 in 3 women. Discover the discreet solution for light bladder weakness.

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Reasons for bladder weakness in pregnancy | Ways to manage

Reasons for bladder weakness in pregnancy and ways to manage

2 out of 3 women face some kind of bladder weakness during pregnancy. Read more on the reason and solutions for incontinence during pregnancy.

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Prolapse and incontinence | Why one effects the other

Prolapse and incontinence

Prolapse means that some organs move downwards. It mainly affects women and can be a cause for urinary incontinence.

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Incontinence and nutrition | 6 tips for improving your bladder

Changing your diet to handle bladder weakness

Urinary incontinence is not a unchangeable condition. Discover how you can impact your bladder weakness with easy nutrition tips.

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New Year Resolutions with which you will achieve great changes

Easy New Year Resolutions

Easy New Year Resolutions with which you will achieve great changes. For a better ...

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    iD Pants

    Disposable pants for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.

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    I am Veronica, 38. I am a mother of two and I recently started suffering from bladder weakness. With bladder weakness ...  > Read more
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