Many women experience the effects of bladder weakness throughout their life, and women are far more likely to have some form of incontinence compared to men.  Special incontinence products for women are readily available to help you during this time. Here at ID Direct, we have a fantastic selection of incontinence products for women.  From lightweight pads through to incontinence pants and disposable underwear, we have the right product for your needs. For light bladder weakness, discreet pads and fitted pants can be a godsend, offering that little bit of support just when you need it most.  For women who have just given birth, it can take some time to recover the strength in the pelvic floor muscles, and during this time, a comfortable and discreet fitted incontinence pants can be useful.

There are numerous products available to help you deal with male incontinence issues comfortably and with discretion.  Here at iD Direct, we stock a wide range of products to suit all levels of incontinence. There are lots of different incontinence products for men which can help with a range of continence issues: from light bladder weakness through to urinary incontinence, we have the right products for your needs.  We have a wide range of products to help deal with your continence. From pads and inserts in various absorbency levels through to disposable incontinence underwear for moderate to heavy incontinence. Available in a range of sizes, you can be comfortable throughout the day or night with our products. Discreet packaging and fast delivery guaranteed!