Products for Bladder Weakness: Solutions for Every Level

  • Updated on 01/08/2019

    Do you live or care for someone with bladder weakness? Have you tracked your symptoms, but are not sure where to go from there?

    This article is for people with bladder weakness, as well as their caregivers. Below we will break down the three levels of bladder weakness, as well as discuss the products that work best for them.

  • Level 1: Little Discomfort

    Level 1 bladder weakness sometimes goes undiagnosed, but it is still important to recognize.
    If you have Level 1 bladder weakness, you…

    • …have symptoms that don’t interfere with your day-to-day life.
    • …go to the toilet more often, and sometimes leak a few drops.
    • …want a product that discreetly protects against minor leaks and occasional smells.

  • Products for People with Level 1 Bladder Weakness

    People with Level 1 bladder weakness often get by with menstrual pads, or even with no products at all. But solutions exist for more bothersome leaks. They are:

  • Level 2: Weak Bladder

    Level 2 bladder weakness results in several leaks. If you have Level 2 bladder weakness, you…

    • …experience frequent leaks, as well as occasional accidents.
    • …have trouble controlling your bladder when it is full.
    • …can live an active life, as long as you make accommodations for your bladder weakness.

  • Products for People with Level 2 Bladder Weakness

    People with Level 2 bladder weakness usually look for products that securely and discreetly protect against daytime leaks, as well as occasional nighttime accidents. They are:

    • Super-absorbent pads, which absorb heavy leaks while maintaining a light-pad feel. Compact and discreet, they help even the busiest people manage daily bladder weakness.
    • Absorbent underwear, which offers thorough protection against leaks and accidents.
      The pants that are breathable meaning air can easily pass through the waist band can go in length to provide comfort and avoid any kind of skin rashes.
      Underwear like iD Intime features a real-fabric feel, which mimics real underwear for a breathable, form-fitting fit.

  • Level 3: Total Incontinence

    People with Level 3 bladder weakness may often have other health conditions or mobility challenges. If you have Level 3 bladder weakness, you…

    • struggle to stay active due to your bladder weakness, or due to a condition that accompanies it.
    • attempt to get to the toilet but are sometimes too late.
    • …have trouble controlling your bladder during the day, as well as at night.

  • Products for People with Level 3 Bladder Weakness

    People with Level 3 bladder weakness require dependable protection against heavy day- and nighttime leaks. They are:

    • All-in-one (AIO) Slips, which are made to control heavy incontinence in people who are bedridden, or who have limited mobility. Double wetness indicators provide ultimate accuracy when it comes to changing, while an anti-leak barrier helps prevent accidents.
    • Extra-absorbent bed pads, which diffuse liquids throughout the night. Made of soft, fluffy material, they provide bedsheet-like comfort for disturbance-free rest.

  • Beyond Levels: Hygiene for Bladder Weakness

    Of course, at-home care for bladder weakness goes beyond protective pads and underwear: personal cleanliness and skin care play a major role. And while soap and water make a good start, more convenient solutions assure maximum cleanliness and dryness. Here are a few:

  • For over 40 years, Ontex - the manufacturer of iD - has provided individuals and professionals with the best hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested products for bladder weakness. Check out our full range below if you are ready to live life in full view.

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