iD Care Wet wipes

Cleansing wipes are indispensable for your hygiene. This soft moisturised cloth cleans and nourishes the sensitive skin. The wipes are moisturised with a lightly scented milky lotion which keeps the skin soft and refreshed. The cleansing wipes can be used several times a day on your body.

iD Care range
Specially formulated with Aloe Vera to reduce skin irritations
Prevents and cals redness
Cleansing and caring lotion
Cares for the skin by being pH neutral, hypoallergenic and contributing to the improvement of the condition of the skin
Reduces skin irritation due to the hydrating effect
Specially formulated with NO phenoxyethanol
SUPER SOFT material
Leaves the skin soft and moisturized
Can be warmed in a microwave oven for improved patient comfort

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