Gail, 34

  • I am Gail, I am 34 years old and discovered ID products shortly after I had my baby, Oliver. During my pregnancy I experienced sporadic leakage. At first it was just a few drops, and I was using my regular panty liners. I was sure people couldn’t notice that I was wearing a panty liner, as they are so small and discreet, but I was mostly afraid that people could smell something. I was changing panty liners regularly but then I wondered if there were any specific products available for protection against urine leakage, something a bit more absorbent, and that could help with the smell. A friend advised me to try ID, she suggested that I have a look at the website to try and find a suitable product. I use ID light Mini, a thin and discreet pad which protects me from minor leakages and any unpleasant smells. The pads are individually wrapped, so I can easily pop one or two in my handbag, and always have them with me. Also, they are dermatologically tested, so prevent skin irritations. Best of all, I can order them over the internet, and they are sent directly to me, which is very convenient. This service is very discreet as I don’t have to buy them at a pharmacy or supermarket where someone I know might see me.

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