Maria, 65

  • I am Maria, a 65 year old ex-ballroom dancing teacher. I was always a very active person committed to many hours of intensive training and exercise. Then my incontinence problem started and I felt so embarrassed. It was like all of a sudden I had become old, and my “active” life had come to an end. It started suddenly - I was losing large amounts of urine. I simply could not control myself and I was often not able to reach the toilet in time. Dancing is such an important part of my life, and I didn’t want to give up! At first I tried drinking as little water as possible, which is not a healthy option, especially with dancing being so physical. Then I started wearing pads, like the ones I used to use for my period, but they were just not enough and I had to use two at a time. I would wear them in combination with dark baggy trousers and skirts because I was afraid people would notice. This didn’t work well, as the pads were not staying in place while dancing, and they didn’t absorb all of the urine that I was losing. I was too embarrassed to discuss my problem with anyone, so I started looking for information on the Internet. I came across the ID website and through the product finder tool I saw that ID Pants would be the right product for my problem. ID Pants Active are worn like normal underwear, they have elastics around the waist, so fit comfortably. There are elastics around the legs as well, so they have excellent protection against leakage. They are far more absorbent than the feminine care products I was using, and they are discreet, I don’t feel self-conscious, or worry that people can see anything. ID Pants Active have played a major role in my life for the past 6 months and have saved me from many embarrassing moments. I can do anything, and go anywhere, and most importantly I can dance again.

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