Anne and Albert, 50

  • Hi, I am Anne, a 50 year old housewife. For a few years, my widowed father, has been living with me and my husband, Albert. My father has always been a lively and active person. Despite his age he is dynamic, mentally capable and has no particular health issues. Normally he does not need any assistance when going to the toilet, but a couple of months ago I realized he was experiencing some leakage (I could tell from slight smell and sometimes sudden embarrassed silence). Incontinence is not an easy subject to talk about, especially when it concerns an active and independent person, and especially a person you love! At first my husband and I thought the leakage episodes were temporary, and we decided not to talk about it with my father so as to avoid causing him any embarrassment, but one night he had a big accident and then he openly admitted he was having problems in controlling his bladder. He was afraid this would mean having to wear large pads used by incontinent people in hospitals or nursing homes. Of course he was also afraid that his daily activities, such as going for a walk in the park, would no longer be possible, and that he would have to stay at home all the time! I decided to ask my pharmacist for advice. I also used the Product Finder tool displayed on this website. Now, my father uses ID for Men during the day. This is an absorbent pad especially designed for men, and it adapts to the anatomy of the body ensuring comfort and discretion. Now he feels completely at ease, and comfortable when walking or playing with his grandchildren! For the night I am buying him ID Pants Normal. These are absorbent pull ups, shaped like normal underwear. With these he feels confident in case of any leakage , and at the same time he can manage them on his own. My father is completely satisfied with these solutions, as he no longer feels embarrassed and self-conscious. Now, nothing stops us from enjoying every moment together.

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