Mary, 41

  • I am Mary, my fifteen year old daughter was involved in an accident when she was five and as a result we have had to overcome and work around a range of health issues over the years. This year my daughter’s condition has dramatically deteriorated, and she is now unable to do much at all. It’s difficult as she doesn’t really respond to much and is unable to tell me if something is upsetting her or deal with her on basic needs, as a parent this is very hard to deal with. She now spends around 16 hours per day in bed, and 6 hours in a custom built chair. Her body has started to contort and I soon realized I needed an incontinence product that is secure and comfortable when she is lying on her back in bed, or sitting in a wheelchair. I was advised by a mother I met on an online forum set up for parents to talk and give support to others in similar positions that id direct made products that may be suitable for my daughter. After looking into this further and trying products to work out the most suitable we now use ID Slip Super. This product is excellent and really has made a difference to my daughter’s comfort it is the most absorbent product from the ID Slip range. I am totally satisfied with this solution, as this product offers maximum protection against urinary and faecal incontinence but also assures an anatomical fit around the body due to the flexible, resealable tapes. The tapes are made of velcro strips and they can be unfastened and repositioned anywhere on the surface of the slip. This allows me to easily check if my daughter requires a change and allows me to readjust the pad for her, depending on her position without putting her in discomfort.

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