Elisabeth, 48

  • Hello, I am Elisabeth, I am living with my 72 year old mother in a two bedroom terraced house. We have only one bathroom and it is located upstairs. My mother has been incontinent for a number of years now, to begin with she was using light incontinence pads in combination with medication. One day she was hospitalized and since then her level of mobility has deteriorated, she found it more and more difficult to climb the stairs to our bathroom. As she was embarrassed about her worsening condition and did not want other family members to assist with her toilet needs during the day (I am working weekdays 9-5pm), she started to wear two light incontinence pads at a time. Due to limited mobility, medications and constant exposure of her skin to urine, she developed a serious sacral rash and I decided to contact a nurse. My mother was advised to try wearing different products and we were told layering products was not a good idea. After speaking with a friend she advised me to try the ID Direct website and since trying the products she always wears ID Pants Super during the day in combination with ID Slip Plus at night. ID Pants allow her to be independent in her toilet needs during the day because they are like normal underwear, and therefore easy to put on and manage. ID Slip Plus protects her for a longer period of time, containing the higher volume of urine usually generated at night.

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  • Elisabeth, 48
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