• Discover the new innovative range for male bladder weakness ...

      Did you know that one of nine men aged over 50 suffer from urinary loss?

      How to manage bladder weakness?

      Many men who suffer from urine leaks are worried about continuing with the same pace as usual in their social lives. The fear of involuntary urinary leakages is often a barrier. Fortunately, there are excellent solutions to regain this confidence.

      Don't let anything stop you!

      There should no longer be a taboo about the medical phenomenon, especially now that there are very effective and discrete solutions. iD- Direct have launched a new range of sophisticated products on the market: iD for men, a discreet and functional solution for Light to moderate urinary losses in men.

      The complete range offers a practical solution for managing light to moderate bladder leakage and designed to maximise protection and comfort. The products are soft and comfortable staying perfectly in place and make no noise. iD for Men feature The Odour Control Technology system alongside Power Dry Technology to make them the perfect solution for active men to regain freedom and self-confidence.

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  • Peter, 61
    Peter, 61
    I’m a very active person. I like going out with friends, going on holiday and taking care of my grandchildren...  > Read more
  • Michel, 68
    Michel, 68
    Two years ago I had prostate cancer. It’s tough for anyone to try and deal with but the worst thing for me was the lack of control...  > Read more
  • Tom, 52
    Tom, 52
    I’m a sales rep which means that I’m on the road most of the day, and there are not always toilets available when I need them...  > Read more

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