The solution for bedwetting: iD Comfy Junior for children

  • Bedwetting is a common issue on children between 5 and 19

    Updated on 16/05/2019

    Night and day time wetting are common issues that children and teenagers face. In the UK alone, it is estimated that around 900,000 children between 5 and 19 years of age suffer from issues involving continence management.*

  • Why children sometimes cannot control their bladder

    Normally, our brain and our bladder co-ordinate with one another to ensure that we have control over when we urinate and when we should not. However, sometimes children over 4 years of age can involuntarily wet themselves without knowing about it.

    Reasons vary; a child may be a heavy sleeper and may not wake up to urinate, inability to produce enough harmone vasopressin which normally tells the kidneys to produce less urine at night, overactive bladder, stress faced by the child or even sometimes some physical and/or mental disability. Be aware that they do not do it on purpose; thus there are several factors that can lead to this condition.

  • Solutions for bedwetting

    We believe that a child should be motivated to overcome this issue. At the same time we have developed iD Comfy Junior range which has unique features:

    - Super soft sides

    - Underwear design on pants

    - Double wetness indicator for XS Slip

    - Absorbant core that provides maximum absorption

    - Anti-leak cuffs for addtional protection against leaks

  • The motto is to let your child be the way they are and progress in life without any fears. Now with the iD Comfy Junior range your child can confidently go for a school trip or for a sleepover at their friend's house. We encourage you to motivate and train your child to overcome this issue and help them to gain full control of their involuntary urine loss issue.

  • * NHS Modernisation Agency (2003) Good practice in paediatriccontinence services - benchmarking in action, Department of Health

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