The best natural alternatives to coffee

  • Coffee and its effects

    Updated on 16/05/2019

    We all have hard weeks at work in which we feel more tired than usual. Automatically we think of coffee as a source of instant energy and we serve ourselves a cup almost without thinking about it every morning.
    Coffee has many positive effects for health, but the problem appears when we use it as a stimulus due to stress overload: take several cups to maintain our level of concentration may alter our biorhythm and make us "dependent" every morning.

  • Healthy alternatives for coffee

    If you are thinking of drinking less coffee or looking for other alternatives, we suggest some healthy drinks:

    • Matcha Tea: it has an effect very similar to coffee, but it is much healthier. In addition, it has a substance called EGCG, which in addition to other qualities, helps reduce the growth of cancer cells and accelerates metabolism.

    • Golden milk (turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and honey): this drink with centuries of history is highly anti-inflammatory, prevents and improves the symptoms of Alzheimer's, is beneficial for intestinal diseases.

    • Chai Tea: in addition to providing you with the energy you need, it has antioxidant properties, calms nausea, reduces cholesterol and combats the signs of depression.

  • Remember that you should always consult your doctor before changing your diet, especially if you are pregnant or if you have a health issue.


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