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  • Food has an influence on your bladder system

    Updated 16/05/2019

    Bladder control related issues can be influenced by multiple factors and one of such factors is food. There are certain foods that are good to maintain a healthy bladder system, so it is sometimes advisable to keep them as a part of your regular diet.

    One of the most important things you can do is avoid constipation. Constipation increases chances of having overreactive bladder and bladder leaks.

    These are some foods that you may include in your diet if you want to have a healthy bladder:

  • - Bananas

    - Grapes

    - Coconut

    - Apples

    - Asparagus

    - Yogurt

    - Carrots

    - Kale

    - Broccoli

    - Cucumbers

    - Beans

    - Artichoke

    - Oats

    - Lentils

    Each body is different and one may require intake of certain food for other medical reasons. Being aware of your diet is crucial so we highly recommend you to discuss your diet plan with your healthcare advisor.

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