Prolapse and incontinence

  • What is prolapse?

    Updated on 14/05/2019

    Prolapse means that some organs move downwards; it affects mainly women.
    The abdominal organs are supported by the pelvic floor, a complex arrangement of muscles stretching from the pubis to the coccyx, rather like a hammock.

    When the pelvic floor is damaged some organs, such as the bladder, uterus and rectum, can move down into the vagina.

  • What are the causes of prolapse?

      This collapse can have many causes:

    • long and difficult labour
    • large babies
    • age
    • menopause
    • constipation and repeated straining
    • surgery
    • heredity

    The most common type of prolapse is where the bladder moves down into the vagina and causes urinary incontinence. The bladder can be raised by surgery, which will help to overcome the incontinence.

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