Skin care for urinary incontinence

  • Taking care of your skin

    Updated on 13/06/2019

    Especially in summer or for temperatures with more humidity it can happen that your incontinence pads cause discomfort or start itching. This is a normal circumstance due to the higher production of sweat in those areas. But no reason to panic: there are some possibilities on how to prevent itchy parts on your skin.

    In case of incontinence, regular hygiene will allow you to avoid irritation and sensations of discomfort.

    Clean your skin using moist towels for personal hygiene, or use a soap-free dermatologic product that you then rinse off with water. Carefully dry your skin with a clean towel, without rubbing.

    Avoid using antiseptic cleaning products, as they will irritate your skin and mucous membranes.

    You can also start wearing cotton underwear, since it allows your skin to breathe more than polyester fabrics.

  • Tips for proper skin care

    1. Change your protection regularly, in order to limit the risk of infection.

    2. Establish a cleaning routine. to nourish your skin.

    3. Always clean thoroughly first in order to protect the skin barrier.

    4. Moisturise your skin in order to keep it supple and strong.

    5. Protect your skin with a good cream to ensure a durable effect.

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