Incontinence and partnership

  • Why incontinence can affect your sexual life

    Updated on 15/05/2019

    Incontinence can impact your social life, but it can also impact your sexual activities. Men often wonder if their virility is affected. It is hard to hide bladder leakage from your wife or partner.
    However, incontinence has no impact whatsoever on sexual performance. Erection problems are often triggered by a lack of confidence or anxiety.

  • Sexual activity can increase the risk of urine leaks. First, pressure on the bladder can cause a small leakage of urine (the so-called "stress incontinence"). And secondly, when reaching an orgasm, one can have "urge incontinence", or what is the same, when one has a sudden and intense desire to urinate followed by an involuntary loss of urine.

    The causes of lack of bladder control can be varied: constipation, diabetes, obesity, prostate cancer..., but you should bear in mind that by taking certain measures you can continue to enjoy a healthy sex life. 

    During sexual intercourse, pressure in the abdomen can cause mild losses. It is a common problem and it can affect you at any stage of your life. Choose positions where less pressure comes on the stomach. A lateral position or positions on your sides are the most recommended.

  • Tips to follow when having sexual intercourse

    There are a few tips you can follow:

    - Do not drink too much liquid, especially in the last hour before having a sexual intercourse

    - Make a visit to the bathroom before having sex

    - Strengthen your muscles with Kegel Exercises

    Do not forget that tension is often a great enemy of erections. Erection problems are usually due to a lack of self-confidence or anxiety. Talk to your partner about the possibility of the leaks. A healthy conversation will make you feel comfortable and relaxing and you will continue to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.

    With a few small changes in your routine, most people can reduce or even eliminate small losses during sex. Bladder weakness should not come in the way of a healthy sexual relation. 

    And remember, go to your doctor if you have more questions or if the problem persists

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