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How to find discreet help to manage bladder weakness

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Bladder weakness or urinary incontinence can affect anybody at any age, for a multitude of reasons such as pregnancy, surgery or ageing.1 It can seem like an embarrassing and private condition to manage, so we understand that you might wish to seek invisible and private solutions to manage it. You may not feel comfortable talking about it with everyone in your life. While iD recommends that you, of course, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about any concerns you may have relating to bladder weakness, we also have three dedicated channels through which we support people with urinary incontinence, as well as their loved ones and professional caregivers, to live life in full view. These provide invisible solutions for your bladder health needs and are: the iD blog, iD’s customer service and iD’s online shop. iD is committed not just to providing you with high-quality, discreet and affordable pants, pads, nappies, skin care and bed pads, but also to offering you help and incontinence advice, both in the form of blogposts on topics relating to bladder weakness and personalised advice through our helpdesk.

iD blog

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with urinary incontinence, think you might have frequent urination or want to know how to give sensitive care to your patients with bladder issues, the iD blog has lots of up-to-date, informative posts about topics that will help to guide you through your bladder health journey. From more lifestyle-oriented topics, such as bladder-friendly foods, to expert advice on pelvic floor exercises to help lessen your symptoms, the iD blog is full of informative articles to provide you with insights and let you know you’re not alone. iD caters for men, women and children and also offers advice to caregivers, both private and professional. To browse the full range of articles, handily arranged by target audience and topic, click here.

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iD customer service

At iD, we don’t want to just provide you with expert information and top of the range products, but we’re also want to be there for you when you need us. Whether you have a query about your order, want some professional incontinence advice or simply need a kind ear to listen to your concerns, iD is here to help. Our customer service team is friendlyrespectful and discreet and can help you with any problem you might have. To get in touch with the help desk, you can find our email address, address and phone number here

iD products

iD product range

Lastly, but by no means least, iD has a large range of wonderful products to help you discreetly manage bladder weakness in all its forms. Whether you need nappies for your baby, solutions for a bed-wetting child, iD incontinence pads for yourself or bed pads for a loved one or patient, iD has a product that will suit your need. We have iD pads ranges suitable for both men and women and even have advice on which product is best to suit your need.

As said above, all forms of bladder leakage can be managed by yourself, by professional medical advice and treatments or simply by using the right products. iD has a wide range of  hypoallergenic, dermatologically-tested products you can trust.  Remember that you are not alone, we are happy to support you whenever you might have questions or concerns. 

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1 “Causes: Urinary incontinence”, NHS, 7 November 2019, Source: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/urinary-incontinence/causes/

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